RUM BUM FILMS Produces BEAT TV’s Live Broadcast of Resistance at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018

March 2018 Rum Bum Studios Produces BEAT TV’s Live Broadcast of Resistance at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018: The team was lead by Producer Michael Zoyes and Broadcast Engineer Alex Lopez streamed a multi-camera broadcast live for up to 8 hours per day over the 3 day event. The system included several small Iconix Cameras mounted in the Resistance DJ Booth and an array of Sony and RED Cameras strategically placed around the massive moving stage. The post Rum Bum Studios Produces BEAT TV’s Live Broadcast of Resistance at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2018 appeared first on Rum Bum Studios.
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RUM BUM FILMS & Dre Films work with Skip Marley to record an acoustic version of Johnny Was for Island Records

Just recently Dre Films & Rum Bum Films collaborated with Skip Marley in recording an acoustic version of Skip’s grandfather’s song “Johnny Was” as the song was featured in the recently released film “Yardie”. Producer/Director Michael Zoyes from Rum Bum Films and Executive Producer Dre from Dre Films worked together with Skip to create a timeless acoustic performance video that can be seen at the link below. Rum Bum Films is owned and operated by Luis Bacardi from the Bacardi Rum Family.   The post Rum Bum Films & Dre Films work with Skip Marley to record an acoustic version of Johnny Was for Island Records appeared first on Rum Bum Studios.
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Zoo Miami Commercial 2014 Narrated by Ron Magill

Zoo Miami recently released their latest commercial highlighting all that Zoo Miami has to offer to guests. The commercial highlights all the animal exhibits that will help educate guests on the natural wildlife and show why Zoo Miami is consistently ranked among some of the country’s top zoo’s. The commercial is narrated by Ron Magill and was produced and shot by Rum Bum Film & HD Studios. Directed by Bill Hofmann and Cinematography by Michael Zoyes.

For more info please visit the following:

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EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE is now available on Video on Demand at Comcast, Verizon and Cox Channels.

EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE is now available on Video on Demand at Comcast, Verizon and Cox Channels.

“EENIE MEENIE MINEY MOE”: When Raul, a tow truck driver with a secret car thief habit, builds a network to fence his stolen goods, his criminal net worth explodes. As Raul and his friends get deeper into the sexy drug fueled nightlife, it sets off a series of events that begin to dismantle his criminal ring. On the quest for a big score, Raul makes choices that have unexpected outcomes affecting everyone around him including the love of his life. Director: Jokes Yanes. Executive Producer: Jorgea Hernando.

“It is wilder and crazier than anything you might have imagined” Miami
Herald, Rene Rodriguez.

Check your local listings.

Produced by Rum Bum Film & HD Studios in collaboration with BV Productions.

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The Lost Doll Short Film Co-Produced by Jim Wahlberg and RUM BUM Film & HD Studios


Substance abuse is one of the most destructive social problems people encounter in their lives. For those addicted to drugs and alcohol, rehab may be their only solution and The Florida House Experience and producer, James Walhberg, wanted to create a project that would both unite the patients as group and shine a light on this issue. When they approached director, Jokes Yanes, about doing a video we all assumed that it would be another quickie video tour, but we were wrong.

James would go on to explain that he wanted a film that explained how some addictions could be traced back to a learned behavior from the people closest to them, but most importantly – he wanted a film. And that’s what our task was, to create a FILM for The Florida House Experience directed toward their women’s division. It was a filmmaker’s dream, no time limit and complete cooperation from The Florida House Experience of South Florida.

As a true filmmaker and producer, James Walhberg, incorporated this project directly into the inner workings of the innovative drug and alcohol abuse rehab center, The Florida House Experience. Together James Walhberg and The Florida House Experience was able to motivate some of their patients to get in touch with their creative side and share their stories. He took a story from, Candice Stevens, and allowed directors, Jokes Yanes and Mike Yebba, to mold it into the screenplay that birthed this short film. (link to short film).

The Lost Doll centers around Sandra, played by Juliana Harkavy, who is struggling with alcohol addiction and how it affects her relationship with her young daughter Ana, played by Jackie Frasey. The story begins after another night of drinking as Sandra is hung-over at the kitchen table, Ana wakes her up asking for breakfast but her mother snaps at her violently. After Sandra finds Ana playing with a beat up old doll from her childhood, she recalls how her mother treated her while she was drunk and realizes how similar she has been treating Ana. Eventually Sandra understands that she doesn’t want her daughter to go down the road she did and decides to check herself into The Florida House Experience to get help. A powerful, dramatic performance is on display as Sandra’s mother, played by Yulia Kay, yells and screams at a young Sandra in a flashback scene.  Director, Jokes Yanes, brilliantly uses repairing of the old doll as a metaphor for going into rehab and getting help to repair yourself.

The film was presented to a private audience at The Florida House Experience to a standing ovation and was eventually re-edited into a TV commercial that aired on the television show Boston’s Finest and re-edited into a PSA for alcohol abuse. The project is currently in use at The Florida House Experience in their women’s division.

Special thanks to RUM BUM Film & HD Studios, who co-produced the project, Michael Zoyes from RUM BUM who acted as the Director of Photography, Peter Ebanks who acted as both a producer and the production manager, and Phantom Grip and Lighting who supplied the lighting and grip gear as well as the G&E crew.

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Eenie Meenie Miney Moe World Premieres at MIFF 2013

Friday March 8th, 2013

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe had its world premiere for the Miami International Film Festival at the Olympia Theater on Thursday March 7th, 2013. The film was written by J. Bishop and Jokes Yanes as well as directed by Jokes Yanes. The film was produced by BV Productions and co-produced by Luis Bacardi and Michael Zoyes for Rum Bum Film and HD Studios. The film is focused on three men in their 20’s with visionary dreams of making it out the cycle that continues in the Magic City.  The story covers Raul, a tow truck driver who jacks card and delivers them to chop shops; Marco, a South Beach hotel concierge who has side drug hustle business on the side, and Vlad, a valet with big dreams of being ‘made” for the russian mob.  The film covers ever facet of their daily lives in the ‘real’ Miami from work, love, family and nightlife along with all the turmoils that come with it. As Ky Mani Marley’s character says in the film “Do you know what I like about Miami?…Everybody is dirty.” which sets the tone for the whole film.

Make sure you take a moment to view the trailer link below:

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A trip to NY for Da Vinci Resolve Training with the ICA

   Recently I traveled to Manhattan for a week of training on Da Vinci Resolve. As an editor for the past 6 years I was excited to expand my knowledge in the art and technique of color grading. Learning how to grade would allow me to expand my services as both an Editor and Colorist on behalf of Rum Bum Film & HD Studios.

The course was offered through Manhattan Edit Workshop ( At MEW, many instructors offer training in Adobe products, FCP, Scratch, Da Vinci Resolve and other software. For this particular course, Da Vinci Resolve 101,201 and Looks, I would be in a classroom for six days. The instructor, Warren Eagles from the ICA, was a great guy from Australia who had more than 20 years of experience working as a Colorist under his belt. If you are interested in the courses Warren and other ICA Instructors have to offer check out their site

   So day one and two of the course covered the basics of the program which included creating a new project,  the configurations page, importing xml’s and edl’s and conforming offline edits.  On day three we were graduating from the basics of Resolve and moving onto bigger and better things…Resolve 201. Once we got into day four and five we were playing around with trackers, layer mixers, qualifiers and other advanced colorist toolsets. One of my favorites was creating the illusion of day-for-night ( the technique of taking a scene shot in the day and making it look as if it were filmed at night) .Though this technique is a well known technique in the post-production world, there are many ways to create the look. It was cool to see what other students came up with for their day-for-night look. By day six we were onto Warren’s Looks course which covered all the stylistic looks that were originally created in the film days by manipulating the negative and bathing it in chemicals. Some of the films we covered on the topic of looks were, Transformers(orange and teal), Saving Private Ryan( Bleach Bypass), Domino( Color Reversal).

I think what amazed me the most in creating looks was that that the technique was originally created in film and if you understood how they were created in film then creating them digitally was a breeze.

Written by Carlos Gonzalez

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