Rum Bum Technology designs branding for ISTMO Fest

Rum Bum Technology was recently contracted to concept and design all the branding for ISTMO Fest and its marketing tools. ISTMO Fest’s CEO Fernando Kriete want to help establish a music scene in home country of El Salvador. This year he is launching a massive festival with the likes of Calle 13, Fatboy Slim, and W&W just to name a few.  Rum Bum Technology was excited to be part of this ground breaking movement in El Salvador. For more information on this festival, please visit

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Rum Bum Outdoors goes Live!

Rum Bum Technology has reecently launched which follows Andre Carbonell through his outdoor and hunting adventures around the world as a tv show coming to you soon. Rum Bum Outdoors is currently being produced and filmed at a few locations including but not limited to Florida, South Dakota, and Colorado. Currently on the website you can check out various features including location information, photos of hunts, future blogs, as well as preview video to the Rum Bum Outdoors show featured on the website. When your done checking out all the information, feel free to go and buy some of your own Rum Bum Outdoors hunting gear on the shop section that is part of

From the world to your eyes let Rum Bum Outdoors take you on the most amazing hunting adventures.

Follow Andre Carbonell as he embarks on an adventure to the ends of the world; hunting for all of the species known to man. Travel with him as he visits the savannahs of Africa, the mountain tops of Asia, Europe’s highlands, New Zealand’s mountains, Australia’s plains and forest and the heavy woods found throughout the United States of America.  Every situation can and will be different, sometimes uncomfortable and perhaps even dangerous…..Read more only on

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Rum Bum Technology launches Rum Bum Gear!

Rum Bum Technology worked to develop a full e-commerce website location for all associated Rum Bum brands including but not limited to Rum Bum Records (Includes Saliva & Surrender The Fall), Rum Bum Racing, and coming soon Rum Bum Outdoors. The shopping site will have tab pages for each separate brand and is designed accordingly to their website which the pages are linked to their shop sections. Rum Bum Gear was placed so that fans of one brand might be able to discover and support the other brands associated with Rum Bum. The shopping was also built scalable so that more brands could be added accordingly with their subsection and merchandise offering. Check out what its all about by visiting

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The Billfish Foundation Goes Live

With the help of Rum Bum Technology, The Billfish Foundation (TBF) has completely redesigned their website. is now hosted on the Rum Bum Cloud, is easier to navigate, and a lot easier on the eyes. With a vast collection of articles about sport fishing and conservation, is the premier resource about billfish on the web. And now it looks the part.
See for yourself, and while you’re at it, donate to their worthy cause at

Visit The Billfish Foundation

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If you couldn’t make it down to Miami for this year’s Ultra Music Festival, you were in luck. was streaming live from the Meet & Greet at UMF – broadcasting interviews with electronic music’s superstars all around the world.
Highlights included a brief chat with Paul Oakenfold, a boisterous session with The Disco Biscuits, and a talk about the business of electronic music with none other than Carl Cox.
The fest is long gone, but the video remains. Check out Rum Bum’s recorded interviews from Ultra Fest 2010 on

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Rum Bum Gears Up for BoardUp!

What do you get when you take one speedboat, two dozen of the greatest wake boarders in the world, 4 HD cameras, one Inlet Spinnaker encoder, a 6 Mbit WiMAX internet connection? Rum Bum’s live stream of BoardUp!, that’s what. It was a beautiful day on Key Biscayne, and if you couldn’t be there, you could at least tune into Rum Bum’s stream from Board Up!, which took you out on the water for incredible views of the action up close.
During the event, Rum Bum’s Lisa Ray interviewed the competitors once they came off the water, providing fans with an in-depth look at Wakeboarding’s Championship tournament.

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